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LMT, NC, Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master, Shaman

Spiral Touch Healer, Catherine Amsden, is a UNH graduate, and was trained at the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, NH. Catherine is licensed in the States of and Maine and New Hampshire and is currently practicing in Kittery, ME and Henniker, NH. She is a nationally certified Massage Therapist and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Catherine is a Certified Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is a Reiki Master and Crystal/Chakra Healer.

Catherine has studied Peruvian Shamanism and been an initiated Inca Shaman since 1996. She has practiced and studied Toltec shamanism since 1979. Catherine teaches apprenticeship programs in Inca Shamanism as well as other workshops. Catherine has studied with Don Alberto Villoldo, Shaman/teacher, of the Four Winds Society, and been initiated by him into the Quero Inka tradition of Shamanism. She has studied extensively with shaman/teacher Don Jose Luis Herrera of Rainbow Jaguar Traditions.

Catherine has traveled several times to Peru to further her training under guidance from Don Jose, working with Indigenous shamans for teachings and initiations. Catherine was very fortunate to participate in teachings by Don Manuel Quispe, who was the former head of the Quero lineage. Unfortunately for us all, he has passed from this world. She has, under the direction of and alongside Don Jose, translated, worked and participated in Ceremony with many wonderful, wise and humble Shamans in Peru. These include Don Fransciso, Don Sebastian, Don Martin (who currently carries the medicine bundle, or Mesa as it is called, of Don Manuel), Don Adolfo, Dona Maria and Dona Bernadina. Catherine has had additional training with Don Juan Nunez del Prado on the left side teachings of Don Bennito Quoriwaman, who until his passing was an advanced Coastal Shaman , and teacher to Don Juan Nunez del Prado. And finally Catherine has been a student of the teachings of Carlos Castaneda and his teacher Don Juan Matus.

She has, over the course of many years, practiced Toltec Shamanic techniques, learned magical passes from his apprentices and studied dream work with another Toltec Shaman, Merilyn Tunneshende, who claims to be an apprentice of Don Juan Matus.


what people say about us

Catherine Amsden has the wonderful ability to see into your inner self through her touch. That she is a healer is without question; more than that, she is a kind and wise woman in whom one can place their deepest trust. With Catherine, you know your heart is in good hands.

Young Dawkins
Young DawkinsFormer CEO of UNH Fund

Catherine is a multifaceted healer and she heals with her head , hands and heart. Several years ago I had a diagnosis of breast cancer. I went to Catherine for a Shamanic healing. My session with her lasted for several transporting and transformational hours where I was allowed to arrive at the core of my issues around my heart center. I experieced a tremendous emotional shift. I know that Catherine was able to emotioally shift me through her facilitating ceremony and her ethe ensuing days after my healing. For one thing, I recieved a phone call from my surgeon in Boston telling me that the pathologists in Boston had reached the conclusion that my cancer was not invasive and that there had been an error in sampling of my cells back in N.H. Thus, I did not have invasive cancer cells---moreover the so called cancer had not exceeded the margins.That was just one magic piece of information---after my healing the news of my condition just got more and more benign. Catherine is a healer who works with deep reverence and with a passion for healing. She is deeply spiritual and her work is profound.

Deborah HomerArtist and Entrepeneur

Catherine, I want to thank you for being my Massage therapist. I have been looking for years for the right therapist with no luck, until I found you. Your ability to give a deep tissue massage is what made all the difference to me. My sister (a massage therapist of 25 years) told me she will see only you when she comes to town. And your place of business is convenient to get to. I love the ambience you have created with the exotic aromas and music that emanate from your place!

Your therapeutic massage is truly the best I have ever had and I encourage others to experience it as well.

Charles Hoyt

I have been getting massages from Catherine for more than a year now. I can honestly say I feel so much better after she works on me. As I travel extensively for my job and am also an avid tennis player, I cherish the time Catherine spends working on my aching and sore muscles. She is always professional and knows where I need the work the most. I am so grateful to have Catherine in my life.

Anita PacittiSr. Account Executive, Kittery, ME

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